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Custom Divers Goodies



69% OFF!  Only 1 unit available, order now before you miss it.


Custom Divers 60lb Single Bladder Wing only. £250

The WR1 BC is a rare gem in stores now.  

Strong, comforatble with extra padding this fits anyone from a medium to an X-Large.   All we need to mention really is; padding, intergrated weights and more pocket space for all the cat swinging you can do.



The sweetest TBK..


An original TBK from Custom Divers, the one size fits all with its adjustable harness for a single cylinders/twin rig.  We have 4 in stock, once they are gone they are gone.  



Limited Edition Custom Divers Backpack.


Effortless cool in a smooth cordura!!!



Vintage REvival Custom Divers Caps.  


Keep that bald spot cool this winter with one of these incredible denim adjustable back, flat peak caps.  



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