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Amphibian Sports have been at the top of their game in dive equipment servicing since 1981, trusted by some of the biggest instructors & divers, schools, shops and centres in the UK.  At Amphibian Sports we are able to do most things on site from:


  • Cylinder testing  (we are an IDEST Test centre (3X))
  • Regulator servicing
  • Air Fills
  • Nitrox Fills
  • Trimix Fills
  • 100% O2 Fills
  • Dive computer/watch battery replacements
  • Drysuit repairs
  • Any custom kit you need, we can get made up
  • We also make a great cup of tea!


If you need anything else, please contact us & we'll see if we can help you out.


Note: You must have your certificate cards with you for any gas fills. NO Cards NO Gas.  Large quantities of gas must be pre booked to ensure we have enough supply, if we don’t then we will need to order it in which will take one working day, so pre plan your gas plan!

We work on a two week turn around for servicing on site, except at busy times this may increase.  Arrangemnets can be made if you need equipment serviced quickly, please be aware a rush charge will apply, call us to find out availabilty.  

Servicing Price List


  • Visual Test - £24.50 + Parts
  • Hydro Test - £36.50 + Parts
  • O2 Clean -   £18 + Parts
  • Shot Blast (inc clean) - £25.00
Note: There are no extra charges for the strip down & re-assembly of twinsets or manifold servicing. This is all inclusive in the prices above.


  • First & Second Stage - £40 + parts
  • First & Second Stage plus Octopus - £45.00 + parts


Bulk servicing, dive centre/shop servicing; 


Amphibian Sports are happy to create special packages for bulk, school or shop serving, please give us a call on 0208 761 2458 to discuss.  

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